The Watchtowers Line

I have created this line to strengthen your connection, depth and understanding of the four Watchtowers. The four directions and their elements. You may wish to use it in a diffuser as you walk through these energies within your day-to-day life, or when doing ceremonial & ritual work.

Each essential oil within the Watchtowers line comes in a half ounce bottle with dropper included. All essential oils are created with coconut oil as their carrier.

Disclaimer warning – essential oils should not be used on children or infants. If you are or maybe pregnant, if you have a heart condition, please consult with your doctor first, before using them on the body.

These services should not be viewed as medical guidance or treatments of any kind. Please view the legal information and disclaimer page before purchasing any of the items.

The Void – North/Earth

The darkness before the birth, before the idea of birthing. It is that empty place or space before the seeds to transform begin. We’re both death and Hope can be found.

This essential oil was created with a combination of juniper berry, cedarwood, Angelica root, pine and patchouli oils. Is Crystal infused with tiger’s eye and clear quartz

Cultivate – East/Air

The very preparation of development and growth. The idea of bringing it into reality.

This essential oil was created with a combination of Angelica root, anise, benzoin, lemon and may chain(litsea) oils. Crystal infused with fluorite and clear quartz.

Desire South/Fire

Without the flame of desire,without passion, without action,there is nothing – nothing but stagnant energy. Embrace your fires of your soul. Desire has what’s its rightful place and purpose.

This essential oil was created with a combination of Orange, dragon’s blood, cedarwood, Angelica root and clove oils. It is Crystal infused with garnet and clear quartz.

Surge West/Water

Do you feel emotionally blocked? Closed off or won’t let anyone in. Our Spiritual and psychic energy has much to do with your emotional Depths. We must learn how to understand our emotional waters for what they really are, comprehend and respect them. Before we can ever learn to control, balance or enjoy them. Or grow within our psychic energy. I have designed surge to help you unblock, through acceptance, while strengthening those psychic skills within this energy. So you may once again regain the power of the wheel and set sail

This essential oil was created with a combination of Birch, benzoin, vanilla and Jasmine oils. It is Crystal infused with blue apatite and clear quartz.

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