Storm Center Line

I created this line to help you cope and work through your own personal storms. Quite often our emotions are overwhelming and even hard for us to understand. Storm Center is about getting directly to the point. Taking the energy from overwhelming to surviving and empowering through the very growth of understanding its depth.

Each essential oil item in the Storm Center Line comes in a half ounce bottle with dropper included. All essential oils are created with coconut oil as their carrier.

Disclaimer Warning – essential oil should not be used on children or infants. If you are or maybe pregnant, or have a health or medical heart condition of any kind… You should not use on your body without consulting a doctor first.

These services should not be viewed as medical guidance or treatments of any kind. Please view the legal information and disclaimer page before purchasing any items.

Lightening and Thunder

Got lightning? oh, oh yes you do! As we start to return to who we truly are, we discover the Awakening. That magnetic connection lies within each and every one of us. Connecting us with our source energy, spark be spark. Till we can embrace our inner lightning bolt. Our inner truth and knowledge. Tap in and harnessing its power.

It is created with a combination of lavender, peppermint, yarrow, nutmeg, cedarwood and anise oils, and just a hint of Orange oil. Crystal infused with fulgurite and clear quartz. With cloves as well.


Believe it or not the hurricane is connected with the energy we know as, “As above so below.” It helps us to know ourselves and our manifestation. It teaches us embrace everything about ourselves to control and be responsible for our thinking and actions.

It is created with a combination of peppermint, spearmint, lavender, clove, Clary sage and lemon oils. It is Crystal infused with smoky quartz and clear quartz. With just a pinch of Himalayan sea salt.


Has the world around you started to cave in, does it feel like everything is falling apart? Have you started to lose hope, feel depressed, full of anxiety, & in despair? Earthquake is here to help you. Allow her to open up and take you in. To cradle you and nurture you back to health again. You will find acceptance within her power that will help restore your faith. She is a part of the Earth goddess after all.

This oil was created with Angelica root, dragon’s blood, balsam and vetiver oils. It is Crystal infused with malachite & clear quartz chips.


Tsunami is your deep sea emotional voyage. Have your emotional Waters tried to drown you yet? Are they flooding? Overpowering you, have they exhausted you? Stop fighting it. Embrace the tsunami and allow it to wash new clean with clarity.

It is created with a combination of helichrysum, vetiver, Clary sage, lavender and vanilla oils. It is Crystal infused with aquamarine and clear quartz.


Those inner fires of protection and banishment. The volcano is much like brimstone.. burning everything away.. dissolving it, erasing it. Banishing what ails you, what no longer serves you, while strengthening your vitality, fire and restoring your power.

It is created with a combination of a basil, cypress, lemon, clove and spearmint oils. Crystal infused with obsidian and clear quartz. With just a pinch of cayenne pepper

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