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Astrological Attunements Line
Our astrological attunements can only begin once we’ve been granted permission to surpass the Moon as she is the one who grants us that access. Only then can we start to understand the symphony that the universe is playing, and the conversation that it is having with us individually. I have created this line based upon how I view our astrology and the planets as an astrologer. Each one of them have special healing messages for each and every one of us. Once we’re ready to listen, learn and start doing the work.

Storm Center Line
I created this line to help you cope and work through your own personal storms. Quite often our emotions are overwhelming and even hard for us to understand. Storm Center is about getting directly to the point. Taking the energy from overwhelming to surviving and empowering through the very growth of understanding its depth. Each essential oil item in the Storm Center Line comes in a half ounce bottle with dropper included. All essential oils are created with coconut oil as their carrier.

E’ Lixstir Sticks
Albert Einstein said it best when he said “everything is energy”. Everything has a vibrational frequency and signature. Your energy speaks volumes far more than you may ever realize. A normal healthy body has a frequency of 62-72 megahertz. So let’s work towards keeping that body healthy and vibrationally strong.

Bells Mystical Brews
My mystical brews collection has been designed and created with the guidance of spirit. As I am also a Shamanic medium. Just like every other one of my lines. However this one is designed directly to help our physical body in the 3D. As our minds stretch start to stretch into higher dimensions. Bell’s Mystical Brews is all about the spiritual plane and our psychic development.

The Wholeness Collection
The Wholeness Collection is created to help you find and create balance within your life. There are four major ingredients to wholeness. That is understandable the delicate balance between our four, emotional, mental, physical and spiritual. When they four are out of balance so is our wholeness.

Specialty and value Kits
y specialty and value kits have been designed to help you directly connect with a specific intention of energy. No more beating around the bush with confusion. Just go for it. Not only have I combined the energy that will help influence your getting there through these kits. But I’m also giving them to you at a special value that you would not get by purchasing them individually.

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