Spirit animal guides and totems

I have created this line to help you connect with any one of your animal spirit guides or totems. To help you embrace their guidance, knowledge and power. It is important for us to embrace all of our guides as well as creating a friendship with them. All friendships build upon respect…in the spirit realm there is no difference. Is it as a diffuser in the home, during ceremony or ritual work, even in meditation and journeying. Embrace your guides.

Each essential oil within this line comes in a 1/2 oz bottle with dropper included. All essential oils are created with coconut oil as a carrier.

Disclaimer warning – essential oil should not be used on children or infants. They should not be used if you are pregnant or maybe pregnant, if you have heart health conditions you should seek counsel from your doctor first. these services should not be viewed as medical guidance or treatment. Please view the legal information and disclaimer page before purchasing any of the items.


Birds I’ve been thought through the ages to have a deep connection with the divine realm and higher consciousness. This oil has been designed to bring in that connection to the birds

It is created with a combination of Frankincense lavender neroil,lemon Orange and vanilla oils. It is Crystal infused with sodalite.

That of the sea

The sea-going creatures have much to teach us. There are many fish of many kind. Octopus, squid, shark, dolphin far too many different kind to count. There is no such thing as average when you are dealing with the sea. Many yet to be discovered even. However typically the sea-going creatures speak to us of our underworld. Our emotional depth and lessons that need to be learned.

It is created with a combination of eucalyptus May Chang lemongrass benzoin and bergamot oils. It is Crystal infused with sodalite.


Our beloved creatures of the land, valleys, Forest and mountains. The bear coyote wolf…..

It is created with a combination of pine eucalyptus cedarwood peppermint lemongrass, may Chang oils. It is Crystal infused with green adventurine.


It is created with a combination of Patchouli, vetiver Clary sage frankincense and lavender oils. It is Crystal infused with unakite


Insects have often been given a bad wap. Idealistically they are often not as desirable as a guide or totem. Because they are not quite as lovey and cute. However insects have very powerful Spirit medicine. If one continuously returns to you – it would be in your best interest to learn why.

It is created with a a combination of hyssop,Rose and Clary sage oils. It is Crystal infused with unakite.

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