Specialty and value Kits

My specialty and value kits have been designed to help you directly connect with a specific intention of energy. No more beating around the bush with confusion. Just go for it. Not only have I combined the energy that will help influence it you getting there through these kits. But I’m also giving them to you at a special value that you would not get by purchasing them individually.


This kit was created to help you raise your overall vibrational frequency. It is designed to uplift both from within the heart and the mind space. As we start stretch and extend past our three-dimensional understanding. We start to experience freedom, love and inner peace from a higher dimensional level. Allow this kit to help you get there. It contains three of my essential oils, Anahata and Euphoric from my Wholness collection. Then also Neptune from my Astrological Attunements Collection. It's original price is $38.50. by purchasing the kit at this value you are more or less getting one of the oils for free. However I do include an additional $5.00 to the price. This is to cover the price of shipping and handling.


Cleanse Clear and Invigorating Kits

I have created this kit to help you clean and clear the energy surrounding the physical body. We have to remember energy is a part of everything including ourselves. Not to mention that energy can become stagnant, impressionable, and even consumed from groups of people or areas in general. This kit is created with a combination of Indigo/Warrior Management and Psychic Sponge from my Bell's Mystical Brews collection. Then I have also included Neptune from my astrological attunements line. Allow me to help you clear the way for another beautiful day. It's original price is $38.50. by purchasing this kit at this value few more or less are receiving one essential oil for free. However please understand I have added an additional $5.00 to the price. This is to cover shipping and handling.


Personal Power Kit

I have created this kit to help you find or come into your own personal empowerment. Our empowerment depends entirely upon our free will and our beliefs. It is our very will.. to will it into reality. For this reason it is created with Mars, Jupiter and Uranus from my Astrological Attunements Collection. Mars is about igniting confidence and action. Mars is our inner Warrior he deals with our motivation and our action. Yet Mars is also about sexuality it speaks to us about feeling and feeling the passion of life the spice of life. Uranus is all about resilience and bouncing back into liberation. Dropping codependency issues to reclaim your power. Jupiter is all about stepping back into our Fearless power and authentic truth. Find your galactic center then harness it. The original price of this kit is $38.50. however I will be adding an additional $5.00 to cover shipping and handling charges.


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