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Lady Stars & Fire offers an array of Spiritual healing art forms, emails, telephone, Shamanic/Reiki Healing, as well as in person services in the Northern Virginia area. Spiritual consultations, readings, Soul retrieving astrology, Shamanic work such as guide retrievals or soul loss, Cleansing and Divinations. Please refer to the resources page for a full description of what each service is or means.

Disclaimer warning – Please, be sure to refer to the ‘Legal Information, Disclaimer’ page before proceeding with any purchase/service. ALL SALES ARE FINAL. I apologize for the inconvenience, services are only available within the United States.

Email Tarot Readings

Tarot Reading is a divination/meditation tool or ritual. Using Tarot cards to dive into one’s intuition and or interpreting of events from the past present or future by asking questions. The cards that are drawn interpret the questions that have been asked.


Rune Reading

Rune Readings, also called rune casting. Is a divination tool or ritual that is used to answer questions about about yourself or a situation from the present past and or future. Rune readings will help you gain clarification or seek advice on how to address the questions being asked.


Shamanic Consultations or Coaching

Consultations, Spiritual Coaching and energy channeling. This option is exactly what it sounds like. I am often asked, could I give any advice or guidance to help someone on their path. As a certified Shaman, Reiki master, medium and astrologer. I am happy to sit down and discuss many issues in your life that you may be facing, with you. These consultations will also provide me with the information needed to know if one is suffering from spiritual intrusions or Soul loss. As well as how best to direct you towards the kind of healing that may be needed.


Tarot / Rune Telephone Readings

Your choice of a Tarot or Rune reading. Telephone readings are more personally directed as one-on-one communication always provides more information.


Soul Retrieving Natal Astrology

The interpretation of one’s astrological birth chart. The chart consists the planets placement within the solar system at the time of birth. The natal chart examines and explains to us why you are the way you are – it is the discovery of you. It also provides us with the guidance of knowing what obstacles I sat in your path to overcome


Monthly Transiting Astrology

Monthly transiting charts are interpreting ones astrological birth chart in correlation with the monthly astrological conditions. Placing the two charts together into one. Provides you with the energy forecast and information needed and to direct your life in the present.


Combination Natal and Transiting charts.

Offering you both charts at one time. The discovery of you as well as the present astrological charts movement.


Sprite Guide Retrievals

Every single human being has Spirit guides. Our guides come in many different shapes and forms often animal ancestor are angelic. Without properly being connected to our guides. It is harder top possess their power, guidance and knowledge. I can do this through distance healing. I do not need to be with you


Shamanic Reiki

At this time Shamanic Reiki is only provided through distance healing. I will do work on balancing the chakras and clearing of energy.


Shamanic Reiki Extractions

This option is much more advanced than a typically Reiki Session. As It is more about the removal of cords, stagnant energies and Spiritual intrusions or attachments. At time Shamanic Reiki Extractions are only offered as distance healing, if you are not in the Northern Virginia area. As I provided this service in person at the Grove of Brite Blessings in the Fredericksburg Virginia area. Appointments only.


Soul Retrievals /Soul Loss

This option is only approved for purchase as needed with proper additional council.

In person appointments can be booked at the Grove of Brite Blessings.

Personal Cleansing & Feather Dusting

This is a personal clearing from around the body and aura. Sometimes personal smudging does not actually clear the energy around the physical body and the aura. Often stagnant energies will back build causing additional issues.


Home Cleansing /Space Clearing

In the northern Virginia area only. I will come to your home or business For a proper smudging or home cleansing. This is a clearing of the energies. As well as to help to put spiritual energies or activity to a rest


With special appearances at

The Grove of Brite Blessings Metaphysical and Spiritual supplies.

914 Caroline Street number 5808 in the back left side of the store. Fredericksburg Virginia.

Please call 540-273-4421

I have partnered up with a Grove of Brite blessings to provide exclusive one on one Appointments Only. For booking call the phone number above.

I am offering- *Astrology courses – taught in three parts *

*Astrology Charts*

*Shamanic Reiki & Extractions*

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