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Visit my YouTube channel today and subscribe. Just click the image above and it will take you there. You will find free videos for everyone. I genuinely do a weekly healing messages video. This is where I channel the astrology and Spirit’s Guidance. That’s not all, I also offer free monthly zodiac astrology and tarot readings. All found on YouTube.


Anytime I am given any form of information or spiritual guidance – I bring it forward. Rather that be of a Tarot, Rune, Astrologer Reading or simply in a personal consultation. Yet I must inform you, this does not always happen. I can only pass forward information if I am receiving it. That is just how it is. However with that being said..  It is very important for you to know.

I always remind everyone – Spirit will give us what it is WE NEED not what it is WE WANT. There is a difference.

Tarot /Rune Readings

Both Tarot and Rune Readings are considered a form of divination. I do use both Tarot and Oracle cards, as well as Rune stones. While I am doing any form of divination there typically is a mutual understanding between spirit and myself that this is a conversation between the two of us. For this reason I allow the conversation to go with the flow. The guidance we need to hear to help direct us in a positive way will be given.

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Your personology is a precision approach to charting your life, career and relationships. By using astrology we retrieve key information about the soul by speaking it’s secret language. This tells us the story of you, your hidden identities, strengths and challenges are all written in the Stars. By retrieving this guidance and returning it to you – you are better able to approach and make healthy decisions in your life. I can help you understand as well as prepare for the incoming energies – rather they are to be harmonious or disharmonious and why.


A natal chart only needs to be done once. As this chart explains to you, you! Everything is based off of the natal chart. It is the moment you chose to be born. In it lies your strengths and your weaknesses. All of the vital information that creates you. Once this information has been retrieved we are able to detect the challenges you set up for yourself -and what needs to be overcome.

Once we have discovered all of this information from the natal chart. We can move forward with our daily lives with a better view of how to approach life.

I do offer natal and Transit and charts at one time. As the transiting chart speaks to us of the present and the future.

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Transiting charts are often done once a month. I place the natal chart and the transiting chart together. Helping you to understand the incoming energies and how or what that will affect in your life directly. This allows you to not be side blinded by those energies, as well as to help you to best understand the healthiest way of dealing with them.

Transiting in astrology means when a planet returns to where it was when you were born. However the planets are forever moving so this also speaks to us of the present and the future.

Transiting charts are most helpful when done once a month. However often one will wait and do it quarterly every 3 months.

If you live in the Fredericksburg Virginia area. I am also teaching astrology classes at the Grove of Brite Blessings. You may also book appointments for me for your own personal astrology charts in person at The Grove.


Shamanic practitioners typically are viewed as doing most of their work in the spiritual realm. Often this is called journeying. However not all Shamanic work is as black and white as that. As I am also a Reiki master I often marinade the two into one.

I offer a variety of Shamanic council and healing one may choose from.


For this specific task I am ready to discuss with you, your private life. Offering you spiritual guidance. As a medium I am often given information or guidance without actually journeying to the other realm.


Allow me to say first off, I am teaming up with the Grove of Brite Blessings in the Fredericksburg Virginia area. At this time in person services are only being done there. All other Shamanic services at this time are done through distance healing – unless otherwise approved through me before purchasing.

In person and distance healing work.

Within 24 hours prior to any services. One should not partake in any alcohol or drug intake. One should also try to incorporate a healthy diet within the 24 hours prior to any service. This helps raise the vibrational energy within the Body. The more fruits, vegetables nuts and water you incorporate into your diet the day before – the better. I will book a date and time with you prior to the service. I often find distance healing is best done when one is asleep. for that reason I often will schedule distance healing for while one will be asleep.


Each and every one of us have Spirit guides. However, this does not mean that we are receiving their messages. Or that we quite honestly are connected to them or their power. Just because one may have come across a guide in a meditation does not mean that they are actually connected to their power. Spirit Guides choose us.. we do not choose them. As well as not all guides are permanent guides. There are many forms of guides that will come and go within our lifetime. Often our guys have specific tasks they are meant to help us with. Not all guys are meant to do the same work.

In this service I cross over and journey to meet your guides.. for those that are ready and willing to return with me and become connected. By retrieving their power and put it back into you.


I have combined shaman work with Reiki healing. For this service I provide approximately a 45-minute session of energy work. I spend this time balancing and clearing the chakras.

these sessions are great for rejuvenating the mind body and spirit. They help calm and ease the mind. Lower anxiety, stress and depression. As well as lower the level of pain within the body – that may be being caused by stress,a or depression.


This session is far more advanced. This is because we are dealing with extractions simultaneously as we work on energy healing. Shamanic Extractions are considered spiritual intrusions. The spiritual intrusions that have gotten inside of the body often move around wrecking havoc causing more illness wherever they may roam. I often use the flu bug as an example of a spiritual intrusion. One cannot see it just as they cannot see the flu bug yet it wrecks havoc just the same way…. But a spiritual intrusion is more of a form of illness that is deteriorating the spirit and will of a person. Spiritual intrusions often will lead to health problems. Because the emotional root of the problem is being avoided. For this service I provide an hour session locating and removing these intrusions, stagnant energies, cord cutting, as well as balancing and clearing the chakras within the body.


Soul loss is a retrieving of missing Soul pieces. The soul will sometimes fragment into pieces and run away. This keeps us from finding our . Fratrue wholeness. Fragmented Soul pieces sometimes leave us for various reasons. Something traumatic or harmful forced the soul peace to leave. At the time it left in a form of protecting itself from whatever harm was coming to it. However without having all of our soul pieces intact in the long-term it creates more harm. Soul pieces can only be retrieved when they are willing to return.

When a person is suffering from Soul loss there are often many symptoms that one may notice.

*Periods of time and memory are lost or blocked.

*Experiencing strong periods depression.

*Parts within yourself may feel broken or missing.

*One may experience a general numbness to life.

*Constant feelings of fear or anxiety plague you.

*One may go through long periods of insomnia

*One may feel unworthy of being loved – as well as a lack of belonging.

*The feeling life is meaningless.

*One make constantly feel mentally or physically fatigued for no medical reason.


I will travel within the northern Virginia area for in person services. Typically this is for cleansing and clearing of space services. I offer a personal cleansing and feather dusting . Often many people will smudge their home…. Is aging of the home. Many people have ideas rituals or techniques that they use to do this form of cleansing. However that does not always mean that the energy has left. sometimes personal sponging does not actually clear the energy around the physical body or the aura. In fact it only cleaned the energy but left stagnant energies that will back build causing additional issues. This is where the Shamanic feather dusting comes in.

I also offer home cleansing and space clearing for the home or business. As I do not only smudge the home or business with sage. I also I’m drawn to use other sacred herbs and resins for clearing rituals. As I will also use my Yemenite horn to help drive negative energies out.

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