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The information, guidance, intuitive or psychic readings, Tarot/Oracle/Rune Readings, Shamanic/reiki/astrology sessions or readings, merchandise such as essential oils, salt/milk baths/spray mists and Orgone products, data contained or posted that are available through L.S.F Sanctuary LLC, Michelle Espinosa or are purely for entertainment purposes only. Any insight, analysis, predictions, or guidance are not substitute for advice, programs or treatments that you would normally receive from a licensed professional such as a therapist, lawyer, doctor, psychiatrist, financial advisor or other counseling professionals.

You should always consult a professional such as a doctor, psychologist or any medical or legal advice. L.S.F. Sanctuary LLC, Michelle Espinosa’s consultations are not therapy sessions. Michelle is not and does not claim to be a therapist nor does Michelle claim to be a medical doctor and does not diagnose, cure or prescribe medicine. Michelle does recommend that all clients continue to see their regular medical doctors and follow their advice. All products created by L.S.F. Sanctuary LLC, Michelle Espinosa are not for consumption, were not created for children, infants or animals. Therefore they should be kept in a safe place and Out Of Reach of all children, infants or animals. Essential oils and Salt Milk baths products may need to have a doctor’s approval before use. If you have a heart condition of any kind you should not use these products. If you are pregnant, nursing or maybe pregnant you should not use these products. These products should not be used on children, infants or animals.

Tarot/Oracle/Rune Readings, intuitive and psychic consultations, shamanic/reiki/Astrology sessions, products such as essential oils, salt/milk baths or mists – are not a substitute for traditional, conventional medicine, diagnosis or treatment of any medical or psychological condition. For such issues you should seek a proper licensed physician or healthcare professional.

Accordingly, L.S.F. Sanctuary LLC, Michelle Espinosa individually and do not offer, provide or imply any guarantees, warranties or assurances of any kind, and they are not responsible for the interpretation, uses or actions, by the recipient based upon information mentioned above. Any advice conversations or information that you receive from L.S.F. Sanctuary LLC or Michelle Espinosa personally, are strictly open to your own personal interpretation.

Please understand that these services are NOT to be taken as professional legal, financial, or medical advice. Drastic life changes should NOT be taken solely just from these services.

When booking any consultation/appointment, or by purchasing any products such as essential oils, salt milk baths/ spray mists, or Orgone it is understood that all services are subject to your own personal judgement.

No responsibility will be accepted for any actions or life choices that are taken following the purchasing of products, consultation, or appointments. AGAIN, All readings and services are to be advised as “entertainment, personal or recreational purposes” only.

By purchasing any of these services or products you are already signing this accidental waiver and liability

Accident Waiver and Release of Liability Form

Code of Ethics:

1. All Shamanic workings will be conducted in a responsible and respectful manner for any client- as all work is being done for that client.

2. You have the right to understand ​​​and feel comfortable with any Shamanic work being done at all times. If for any reason you find feeling uncomfortable or wish to stop such work.  The work will stop at that time. You always have a choice to end a session at any time.

3  Shamanic work is not considered a medical treatment- As it does not carry  mandatory ​licensing requirements medically. This is Shamanic work only. If for any reason anything of a medical nature may be needed, I will give you ideas towards a possible referral that may be of help to you.

4  That any information obtained during Shamanic workings will always be kept in the strictest of confidence.  Nor shall it be shared without your permission.

5  My Shaman work takes place in the spiritual realm.  I will do everything possible, that I can to aid you within that realm.​​  

6  Information obtained during Shamanic Journeying that has been received from spirit pertaining to the specific work being done for you…Shall be shared with you.  However as long as it is not of a harming nature that may cause a  digression or undo any development in your healing process for moving forward in a healthy manner. This information will not be shared with you for that very reason.

7  I WILL NOT…divulge any information that has been obtained during Shamanic work. That is not specifically for you or the work that is being done for you.

8  I WILL NOT… push, or speed up, and try to hurry the process in any way.  Often Shamanic work needs a necessary time to digest it’s information that spirit has provided.

9  I WILL NOT… provide a personal interpretation of the information that has been obtained during Shamanic workings and Journeying. Please understand this valuable information being obtained is for you, and you alone. I will provide for you the information gathered although its interpretations of that information can only come from you and your connection to it.

10  My work as a Shaman – is only to help the healing process.  I will not…I will not take part or do anything with the intent of harming you…or anyone else in any way.​​​​​

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