Code of Ethics

1. All Shamanic workings will be conducted in a responsible and respectful manner for any client- as all work is being done for that client.

2. You have the right to understand ​​​and feel comfortable with any Shamanic work being done at all times. If for any reason you find feeling uncomfortable or wish to stop such work.  The work will stop at that time. You always have a choice to end a session at any time.

3  Shamanic work is not considered a medical treatment- As it does not carry  mandatory ​licensing requirements medically. This is Shamanic work only. If for any reason anything of a medical nature may be needed, I will give you ideas towards a possible referral that may be of help to you.

4  That any information obtained during Shamanic workings will always be kept in the strictest of confidence.  Nor shall it be shared without your permission.

5  My Shaman work takes place in the spiritual realm.  I will do everything possible, that I can to aid you within that realm.​​  

6  Information obtained during Shamanic Journeying that has been received from spirit pertaining to the specific work being done for you…Shall be shared with you.  However as long as it is not of a harming nature that may cause a  digression or undo any development in your healing process for moving forward in a healthy manner. This information will not be shared with you for that very reason.

7  I WILL NOT…divulge any information that has been obtained during Shamanic work. That is not specifically for you or the work that is being done for you.

8  I WILL NOT… push, or speed up, and try to hurry the process in any way.  Often Shamanic work needs a necessary time to digest it’s information that spirit has provided.

9  I WILL NOT… provide a personal interpretation of the information that has been obtained during Shamanic workings and Journeying. Please understand this valuable information being obtained is for you, and you alone. I will provide for you the information gathered although its interpretations of that information can only come from you and your connection to it.

10  My work as a Shaman – is only to help the healing process.  I will not…I will not take part or do anything with the intent of harming you…or anyone else in any way.​​​​​

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