Bell’s Mystical Brews

Offering some of my private stock. My personal favorite combinations and secrets.

Restful Sleep

It is created with a combination of Jasmine, chamomile, valerian root, vanilla and helichrysum oil. Crystal infused with


Idealistically this oil is for your meditational purposes. Shamans are said to journey to the other realms to retain the information they bring back. It helps heighten your psychic energy, vision and dream work. with just a pinch of the Claire’s to help you get their.

It is created with a combination of


What is pleasure, if your spirit itself is not being aroused? If your vibrations are not being heightened and enthused? If you’re not curious or playful. This oil is to tap into you and then raise you in frequency. Elevating you to a higher place within yourself.. One is able to feel and tap into that euphoric pleasure by rising above all of those lower dimensional anxieties worries, fears and doubts. Let me help you get there

This oil is a combination of sandalwood, dragon’s blood, vanillan,balsam and Clary sage oils. It is Crystal infused with fulgurite rose quartz and Amazonite….. Or blue kyanite and Citron

All 7 charkas


Start to feel those cords dissolve and evaporate. I have designed this oil to relieve you from the grief of internalized emotional attachments and pain. No more regrets, no more loss or weak will power. We’re cutting those cords. Release yourself from those bonds and their shackles..

This combination is created with Angelica root, valerian root, clove, benzoin, vanilla and just a pinch of orange oils. It is Crystal infused with a black obsidian and fluorite. With just a pinch of black salt. Sulfur?


?substituting also with yarrow

It is created with a combination of Jasmine,juniper berry, vanilla, chamomile and Angelica root oils. It is Crystal infused with sodalite, tiger’s eye and rose quartz add nutmeg or cinnamon


In Egyptian mythology, the heart is weighed against a feather – if the heart is heavier than the feather you do not get to go to Egyptian heaven. One cannot fly if their wings are too weighed down. This oil is created to work with the heart and higher heart chakras. (The thymus charka) We must unblock and loosen all that which is weighing you down. Allow Divine love and forgiveness to come straight through you. Don’t just left your head but heal your wings so you can fly.

This was created with a combination of Birch, Peppermint, Ylang ylang Orange, Jasmine and Valerian root


the priestess has earned her status and knows her worth. She understands the ebb and flow within life and of energy. She has become one with it and it’s magic. She is both Castor and breaker. She is able to cast negativity aside – while revitalizing herself value. She taps into that third eye energy, her psychic intuition yet remains grounded at all times. Connect with her you have earned it and you are worth it.

Oil and Spray- it is created with a combination of Neroli, mugwort, dragon’s blood, orange, vanilla, cinnamon and ylang-ylang oils. (Cmaybe substitute with yarrow and coffee oil)fluorite and citrine.

Bath – is created with a combination of Neroli, vanilla, orange, mugwort, dragon’s blood and ylang-ylang oils with cacao powder. Mixed with Himalayan sea salt Epsom salts baking soda and powdered milk.


Arise sir Knight. This oil just says to me knights of Camelot. Those noble and righteous of warriors. Pure and true. This oil is going to help you with clarity and focus while separating the confusion between the mind chatter and the heart. All while clearing negative energies and lifting your vibrations. The saying goes “The kingdom is only as good as its king”. The question is are you being a righteous king or queen?

It is created with a combination of balsam, benzoin, lavender, lemon and spearmint with just a pinch of peppermint and vanilla oils. Crystal infused with. A small pieces of cloves.

Feet Blessings

All too often we forget how powerful and important our feet are. Are feet are responsible for every place that we go – positive or negative. The feet are what carry you there – as well as they endure the energy of it. We must bless and forgive them for where we force them to go.

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