I am Michelle Espinosa otherwise known as Lady Stars and Fire or LSF. I am a Certified level three Shamanic Practitioner, Reiki Master, Medium, Astrologer and Spiritual Intuitive Alchemist.

I was born and raised in Northern Virginia. All of my life I have felt a connection to Source – or with the idea of what we my call source energy. Although, just like many others in life. I strayed away from spirituality & soulfulness. I too, became all wrapped up in my own little world and none of that mattered. Not until the Awakening process. When I started to feel the calling & the need to make it a priority.

Your inner lightning is your Source energy.

My Story– I was not always awake just like many others. I was placed back onto my path. I was robbed at Gunpoint – it shocked me back into the awakening process. I don’t know maybe it was my time. But the robbery reopened the flood gates to my Psychic abilities. Unfortunately this also means that the transformation of that awakening originated and took place from a low and negative vibrational stand point – based off of fear. Which is exactly why as I have grown and started to spiritually mature. I have become more and more public about my story. People need to know that the awakening process is real. They need to feel safe enough to allow themselves the experience of the process. Yet they need to understand it is definitely not all unicorns and rainbows. In fact it is nothing like that. It can be very dark and lonely especially if one is still stuck in lower vibrational energies. Fear, anger, doubt, worry, anxiety, jealousy, low self-esteem and many other traits that we call ego.

I have spent several years overcoming that negative outlook, critiquing my skills/abilities, as well as my own personal spiritual growth shamanicly. I am a certified Shinpiden/Reiki Master & Teacher through USUI Ryoho Reiki as of November 2015. I am a certified level three Shamanic Practitioner through Shamanism 101,LLC. Studied from 2016 – Feb 2019. Which is now known as Shaman College. Fulfilling the legal requirements, educational hours & initiations with competency of power retrievals, Cleansing, Natural Object Divination, Ritual/ethics & professional awareness, Merging, Word/Dance/Song Healing, Direct Divinations, Extractions, Elemental power, Personal awareness, Soul seeing & sounding, Soul loss/Soul Retrieval, Soul Recovery and Psychopomp.

Me on the cliffs.

You may consider me as spiritually intuitive Alchemist

All of my spiritual products are created and guides by spirit. I use a specific formula when working with spirit to create. It does take teamwork and I must do my part. It is my job to do the homework. Such as research the many different kind of oils or crystals that may work with whatever it is I’m wishing to create. After I have done my research and chosen what it is I would like to create. Spirit then takes over. I wait for them to tell me what to use and what not to use. They create the formula.I just follow the instructions.

Always looking to the Future.

I hope to become a permanent staple within the reshaping of how it is we view healthy and soulful living. As we re-incorporate the finding of our authentic Soul back into our true lifestyles. Ultimately we are learning to return to our Roots and ancient natural healing ways.

In time I would love to be a part of creating a safe haven for personal, spiritual and soulful growth. Aligned with like-minded people such as myself, offering guidance and assistance for others as they grow and mature on their own personal paths.

The inner shaman
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