I am Michelle Espinosa otherwise known as Lady Stars and Fire. I am a Certified Shamanic Practitioner, Reiki Master, Medium and Astrologer.

I was born and raised in Northern Virginia. All of my life I have felt a connection to the Source – or with the idea of what it is we my call source energy. However it was not until I was much older, when I decided to make it a priority.

Once I was awakened, and soulfully put back into my path. Being that I was robbed at Gunpoint – it shocked me back into the awakening process, as well as reopened the flood gates to my Psychic abilities. Unfortunately this also means that the transformation of that awakening originated and took place from a lower or negative vibrational stand point – based off of fear.

I have spent several years overcoming that negative outlook, critiquing my skills/abilities, as well as my own personal spiritual growth shamanicly.

In time, I would like to be a part of creating a safe haven for personal Soulful and spiritual growth. Aligned with like-minded people much like myself. To offer a guidance and assistance to others as they grow.

Much like many who have become awakened, and then put back on their soulful path. My Awakening was brought on because I was robbed at gunpoint. It shocked the ego back into awareness and started me on the process. Unfortunately though this all means, the transformation I was undergoing – originated from a very negative place of fear.

I have spent several years undergoing Shamanic spiritual training. Working on critiquing my psychic abilities . As well as overcoming that lower negative vibrational standpoint from which it is my Awakening originated and first began.

I hope to become a permanent staple within the reshaping of how it is we view healthy and soulful living. As we re-incorporate that finding of our authentic Soul back into our true lifestyles. As well as the returning to our Roots and ancient natural healing ways.

In time I would love to be a part of creating a safe haven for personal spiritual and soulful growth. Aligned with like-minded people such as myself, offering guidance and assistance for others as they grow and mature on their own personal paths.

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