Welcome to the Sanctuary!

Shamnic Consultations and Healing, Reiki, Astrology, Readings, & cleansing and clearing.


Michelle Espinosa, founder of Lady Stars & Fire, is a certified Shamanic Practitioner through Shamanism 101 LLC ( Now owned by Shaman College LLC), Reiki Master/ Shinpiden -USIO Ryoho Reik, Astrologer, Clairvoyant/Medium & Spiritual Intuitive Alchemist.

Inquiries, Bookings, Social Media & Spotlight Visits at the Grove of Brite Blessings in the Fredericksburg VA. Area

I often say “Got Lightening?”

Always remain close to your Soul’s Fire and that connection to the spiritual realm that’s where your lightning is found. Your source energy.


Please Support the global healing, meditation and prayer event each month

Every Month on the 22nd day

Nobody suffers alone anymore.

The objective here is all about working together to dissolve all earthly illnesses and diseases. In memory of all of those whom have gone before us and crossed over.

The event was created to work with spiritual energy, guides are angels. Therefore time zones do not apply – as it is created to work with angel numbers. This allows for the event to go on for a much longer period of time.